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Facts About Long Term Villa Rentals

Since most people choose not to stay in a hotel for an extended period of time (whether due to budget constraints or personal preference), the options for long-term holiday rentals are plentiful. You can either choose to stay in an apartment, house, villa or condo depending on what kind of experience you’re looking to have while you’re away.

Regardless of the different options available, villas tend to be the most popular choice for people in need of long-term accommodation. This is thought to be because villas combine the basic elements of a hotel stay with the luxury of having your own space to inhabit – almost like a serviced home.

That said, you can pick and choose what kind of villa you stay in, and you don’t have to have maids, butlers or chefs at your whim. Similarly, some of these properties come with pools, spas, gyms and home cinemas – whereas others are more basic in their offering. Whatever you’re looking for, there is bound to be a villa out there to match your needs.

The best place to start looking for accommodation is online. Here, you will be able to spend time surveying the different options available to you, as well as comparing prices between providers. If you can’t find a list of long-term rentals on the company’s website, it’s best to contact them over the phone to discuss whether this kind of let is an option.

Many people buy villas overseas because they are an incredibly worthwhile investment, with many being cheaper than in the UK or US. While owners will typically use them for their own holidays, they may also choose to rent them out while they’re not in use, generating an income and making sure the home remains looked after.

In order to ensure that the property is being kept to a high standard and is safe and secure, many owners will employ a rental agency to manage it in their absence. They will provide you with a point of contact, much like a letting agency would if you were renting a home to live in. You should be able to find details of available rentals on the agency’s website.

The agency should therefore be located in close proximity to where you’re staying in case there is an emergency or you need assistance. They may go one step further than this and actually supply the staff to clean, cook and wait on you during your stay.

These services can provide you with a much-needed break from day-to-day life, or allow you to get on with working, exploring, or whatever you planned to do when you arranged your trip away. If budget is an issue, talk to your chosen accommodation provider to see if they can provide minimal services that won’t break the bank.

Most long-term holiday homes will ask for rent to be paid on a monthly basis, similar to a property you might rent back home. When looking online, properties should be ordered on a monthly rental price basis – from lowest to highest – but may also be arranged in accordance with your size and location preferences.

If you can’t find anything that fits within your specifications, it’s best to get in touch with the agency directly as they may have other options available.

Common Mistakes When Booking a Hotel

Traveling to a new destination is not only a good way to unwind, but it is also a learning experience. Whether you are traveling for fun or on business, it is important to consider your accommodation before departing. Many a trip has been ruined because of poor lodging choice and the experiences are always painful.

There are many mistakes people make when looking for hotels and these can easily be avoided. Here are a few of these pitfalls to enjoy your next trip:

1. Ignoring Hotel reviews

While finding the most suitable accommodation in any destination, be ready to take time and read reviews by past guests. Yelp and Trip Advisor are just some of the sites where you can get credible information about the place you want to stay. You will find more details on such websites than on the establishment’s site.

2. Failure to Confirm Location

With so many technology tools such as Google Street View to help locate properties, there is no excuse for failing to confirm where your hotel is located. Check what other facilities are around the area lest you book a room above a major interstate highway or a market.

3. Not checking Availability of Airport Shuttle

Nothing irritates as much as trying to hail a cab in a new city once you land. To avoid this inconvenience, go for a facility that provides transport to and from the airport.

4. Taking Parking for Granted

If you are using a rental, make sure you confirm availability of parking at your place of stay and the cost for the same. Consider the security of the rental and the high cost of parking if the establishment doesn’t have space.

5. Consider Internet Access

Whether you are travelling on business or fun, it is important to have access to the internet and a good hotel should offer this. However, you also need to consider the cost lest you end up paying more for WiFi than for the room.

6. Failing to ask about Breakfast

No one likes to leave their room to go to look for breakfast, hence the importance to confirm about the availability of this meal and the cost. You can easily confirm this by calling in advance.

7. Failing to Sign up for Loyalty programs

It doesn’t hurt to sign up for rewards whenever they are available because sometimes they start paying off immediately thus saving you money.

8. Using Loyalty Points with 3rd Parties

As a rule of thumb, if a loyalty program belongs to a particular brand, you only enjoy the benefits when you book through them.

9. Fear of the Bargain

It is your right to ask for a better rate and you shouldn’t have any qualms when doing this; after all, any savings will make your stay even better.

10. Don’t be afraid to call the hotel

Online information might not be up to date and by calling directly, you will get deals that other guests won’t find.

These are just some of the ideas you can use to get a good accommodation deal.

Reason You Should Rent A Condo For Your Beach Holiday

If you’re thinking of jetting off somewhere sunny, you’ll need to decide on a place to stay. But with so many accommodation choices out there – from apartments to villas and hotels – it can sometimes be difficult to know which is the right option for you and your fellow holidaymakers.

Your decision will obviously rest on what rentals are available in your holiday destination. There will also be other factors to consider like how many people will be staying with you, what services and amenities you may require and what kind of holiday you are looking to have.

Some people prefer to be in the thick of the action (with direct access to bars, nightclubs and shopping centres) whereas others would rather abide somewhere more remote. Whatever your preference, there is bound to be a rental out there to suit your needs – you just need to know where to look.

A good hotel will obviously supply all the amenities and services that you might need on your holiday, but the price per bedroom can be high if you’re opting for 4 or 5 star establishments. There is also a lack of personal space, with no private kitchen or lounging area.

The fact that you can’t prepare your own meals in a hotel will certainly make the trip more expensive. You will either need to eat in the hotel restaurant or find eating establishments elsewhere. This can be time consuming and costly, adding unneeded stress to your holiday.

A full rental home, however, will provide more space but won’t necessarily have services on hand should you need them. This means you will have to cater for yourself and do all of your own cleaning and laundry – making the holiday feel like less of a break than you may have imagined!

Rental homes (depending on their size and location) can also be expensive, charging a higher price per bedroom than other accommodation options. If you’re looking to keep the cost down, but still enjoy a luxury getaway, you’ll be pleased to know that there is another option.

A condo can provide a happy medium between hotel accommodation and a full rental home. While you will be able to enjoy all the amenities and services of a luxury hotel, you will also have the personal space you need.

Condos are available for any sized party, whether you’re on a couple’s break or looking for a multi-bedroom penthouse to accommodate your wedding guests. So whatever the nature of your holiday, a rental condo is sure to put you all up in style.

They are surprisingly affordable, too. Obviously price varies according to where you are staying and how big the property is, but renting a condo can actually end up being cheaper than staying in a hotel.

When it comes to booking a condo, you’ll want to find yourself a reputable holiday agent who can help find you something to suit your exact requirements and fit within your budget.

Look for a company who specialize in your holiday area – this way they will be better equipped to help you book transport, restaurants and other activities. They should also be able to help you settle in when you get there, so spend some time looking for a company that offers a full management package.

Although it’s best to try and organize the details of your holiday in advance, many holiday companies will offer a last minute special – meaning you can book your accommodation at a discounted rate. This could help save you money, meaning you’ll have more to spend on shopping and cocktails when you’re actually there.

Spa Holiday On Thailand

Thailand has become a popular spa destination and people from all around the world are choosing the country for their spa holidays. Many of the spa resorts in Thailand offer excellent packages that people can choose to meet their needs. There are spa resorts affiliated with major commercial chains in addition to the more personalized boutique resorts. Both have their own individual charm and come at different price points. You can choose whichever works the best for you.

Major commercial chain spa resorts offer standard services, and you can be sure of the good quality of their services since they are established and cater to many people. However, boutique resorts offer more personalized services and often better value.

If you are planning to visit Thailand for a spa holiday, here are the top 3 places to consider.

Koh Samui: The scenic, tropical beaches on the island of Koh Samui in Thailand make it one of the best locations for a spa holiday. The spa resorts here offer pampering spa services such as foot reflexology, Shirodhara, Ayurvedic treatments, Indian head massage and a range of traditional Thai spa treatments. You can choose services that target specific parts of the body if you are dealing with specific issues but usually a holistic approach works best. For complete rejuvenation, you can opt for full body massages, body wraps, etc. These are very relaxing and help you feel refreshed. Since you will be staying near the beach, you can spend your time relaxing on the beach in between the spa session. To get more health benefits, you can select the detoxification programs that these spa resorts offer.

Chiang Mai: For people who connect more with the tranquil atmosphere of the mountains, you can select any reputed spa resort at Chiang Mai. This location is surrounded by the foothill of the Himalayas and offers a memorable spa experience because of the scenic beauty and quiet atmosphere. The spa resorts here offer various detoxification, rejuvenation and yoga programs in addition to spa services for your overall well-being. Whether you are just going for a weekend or planning to stay for more than a few days, you can choose different packages to make the best of your trip. You can spend your time in between the different spa services exploring the location and enjoy the location.

Phuket: The spa resorts in Phuket offer a range of Asian therapies. Their services focus on the overall wellbeing of a person and try to create spiritual, mental and physical harmony. Many of these resorts also offer meditation programs, yoga classes and more in addition to spa services. You can also get guidance from certified trainers and experts to plan a workout regime for you. The mouthwatering and healthy Thai dishes are sure to make your taste buds crave for more. There is a good mix of luxury and affordable spa service packages offered by the resorts here. When you opt for a spa resort in Phuket, you can also take some time out to explore the island, which is a very popular tourist destination.