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Is it a Good Idea to Purchase Rental Car Insurance?

People rent cars for various reasons and some even rent cars quite frequently. Whether it’s for going on a vacation or business trip, facing the question of whether or not to purchase rental car insurance for your travel always pops up. As you’re signing the contract for your vehicle, you only have a split second to make a decision. Here is a simple guide you can use the next time you’re faced with this decision.


Does Your Auto Insurance Cover Rental Cars?


A lot of insurance companies offer coverage for rental car protection on personal auto policies. If you purchased comprehensive and collision coverage for your vehicle it generally transfers to the rental car. So if there are any dents, scratches, theft, accidents, etc. while you’re driving the rental car, it will be covered by your auto insurance policy. Just to make sure, call your insurance company to double check. But before doing so, read on.

Will Your Credit Card Company Cover Damages for the Rental Car?


There are various credit card companies that offer coverage for damage done to rental cars when the card is used to rent the vehicle. This is secondary to your auto insurance if it doesn’t have comprehensive and collision coverage. Towing charges may also be covered by your credit card company, so it’s a good idea to ask. Never know if you may need a tow. If you are the cause of injury or damage to another driver and their car, the credit card company will not offer coverage. This is strictly for liability or personal injury coverage from an insurance company — this is why it is very necessary for your to have your own auto insurance.

Is Your Travel for Pleasure or Business?


Some companies offer coverage for employees that rent cars for business purposes. Check with your boss or fleet department to see if you’re covered before buying extra coverage from the rental car company. So if you’ll be traveling far to get to a meeting or visiting with a client in another state and end up having to rent a vehicle, you should see if the company you work for offers benefits for rental car services. You’ll be surprised that they do. If not, being that your rental car is basically a temp vehicle to replace your current car, your insurance policy may cover it.

Be Careful if You’re Driving Out-of-State or the Country


Each state has its own policies when it comes to auto insurance. It is important that you read through your insurance policy to see exactly what it covers. If things aren’t too clear, give your insurer a call. You should also check with your insurance company to see if they cover out-of-state travel. For instance, in Massachusetts, auto insurance only applies to travel within the state. Then other states offer coverage in any state within the United States. Some offer limited coverage in Mexico and Canada. If you’re planning to travel out of the country, it may be best to purchase insurance through the rental car company.

Don’t Allow Anyone to Drive the Rental Vehicle


It doesn’t matter if it is a spouse, sibling, best friend or descendent, if you’re renting a car, no one else can drive the car, but you. Many rental car companies are picky about who drives their vehicles and the insurance policies they offer only cover you, the driver. Now, if you’re going on a vacation on a long out-of-town trip, likely you’ll want to alternate between two or more drivers. Ultimately, you will have to put them down in the rental contract, so that they will be covered if anything happens. Of course, this will cost more money. Even your own insurance policy may not cover other drivers for the rental vehicle, so make sure to check beforehand. Better to be safe than sorry.

Now that you have a general idea of what to expect when renting a car, you should be safe. Your best bet would be to check with your insurance company, credit card company and employer (if going on a business trip) before purchasing any auto insurance from a rental car company. It could save you money in the end. What’s most important is that you get enough coverage as to where you won’t have to pay any expenses out of your own pocket. Check if other drivers will covered, if you would like to alternate drivers.

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Consider Skiing For Holiday

Now is the time to secure cheap holiday deals for 2015. Whether you ski or not, ski resorts offer an amazing escape from reality that’s perfect for the athlete or those who want to enjoy luxurious accommodations with a snowy, romantic atmosphere.

Powdery and challenging slopes wait at the world’s top skiing destinations, and holidays that will take travellers there come in a variety of budgets. They can secure anything from a quaint chalet to a grand resort and all for amazing prices. Without breaking a budget, savvy holiday seekers can book just what they desire this time of year.

There are many choice destinations. Amongst them are the Swiss Alps in France, Bulgaria, Greece, Scandinavia and Scotland are the most popular in Europe. In North America Canada and the U.S. both have plenty of popular ski resorts. Austria and New Zealand are also prime choices for skiing holidays. Once the travelling group has narrowed it down to a destination they can book it as a cheap holiday deal and be on their way.

Top Skiing Destinations in Europe

France – Believe it or not, cheap holiday deals can be found in France.Courcheval is amongst the world’s largest ski resorts, and is lift-linked. It is four resort villages and they offer all the amenities including restaurants, shopping, bars and nightlife along with perfect snow. Chamonix offers not only pristine snow for skiing, but also a variety of attractions to include ice climbing, wild animal parks, hiking and of course top notch eateries and spas.

Switzerland – Verbier, Zermatt, Grindelwald and St. Moritz

Austria – St Anton village and ski resort is not to be missed in Austria. Many would not even imagine that cheap holiday deals are offered here. With its quaint village and everything within walking distance it’s the perfect choice for anyone. It is home to the ferris wheel Galzig gondola, a new lift link. The Tyrolean resort of Obergurgl is another gem of the Alps offering plenty of extracurricular activities and top notch restaurants.

Scandinavia – One can also skip the Alps and travel to Scandinavia for a ski holiday. It easily compares and is a fraction of the cost for those looking for cheap holiday deals. Ramundberget is just one resort that is sought-after in the Swedish ski area of Funasfjallen. It is a laid back atmosphere in comparison to those destinations aforementioned.

Top Skiing Destinations in the U.S. and Canada

If one is up to venturing to the U.S. or Canada for a ski holiday, they won’t be disappointed. There are plenty of cheap holiday deals to be had in these countries. Amongst the top destinations for skiing in Canada is Whistler Blackcomb in British Colombia. It offers over 200 marked runs, 16 bowls and three glaciers. There’s also many trendy shops and places to eat.

In the U.S. no one can deny that Lake Tahoe is a must. There are nine world-class resorts and over 22,000 acres of land to ski on. Dining, gambling and other winter activities are also a hit there and visitors rave over just how much there is to do in this picturesque location. There are plenty of spots in the U.S. that are prime for skiing and a knowledgeable agent can help one decide.

Start Packing!

So as anyone can see, there are plenty of options worldwide for cheap holiday deals to a skiing resort. Though one wouldn’t think it, there is plenty to do for everyone in the travel party. Spend the days out and nights snuggled in front of a fireplace with a cup of cocoa or a drink watching the snow fall outside. There’s not much of a greater escape than that.